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T4 Intelligent Infrastructure

Can’t Find the Leak?
Our Water Leak Detection Team Can!

If you’ve got water leaking into your home then enquire with T4 Intelligent Infrastructure in Stowmarket. We carry out fixes on homes all across the region, including in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Kent, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, London and Surrey.

Have You Seen the Signs?

It’s easy to spot a water leak. Usually there’ll be visible wet spots on walls and ceilings. Mould might be developing. And your water bill might be creeping up as well.

But while the signs of a water leak are easy to spot, finding out where that leak is can be more tricky. You can’t leave it to get worse though.

Water damage is a serious threat to the structure of your home. It can cause cracks in the structure and there’s a very real risk of fire if water gets into your electrical system.

The leak needs to be isolated and fixed as soon as possible. And T4 Intelligent Infrastructure can do that for you.

hand with water damaged ceiling
Man in workwear inspecting ceiling

We Can Find That Leak and Plug It

Our engineers at T4 Intelligent Infrastructure have the experience and the resources to isolate any leaks and fix them.

We’ve got sophisticated techniques at our disposal, from thermal imaging to tracer gas, that can pinpoint the exact source of the leak. Once we’ve found it, we’ll get it 
uncovered and sort it.

Our remit covers any kind of leak, whether it’s anything from a central heating system to a swimming pool. And with 25 years in the sector and a 24/7 callout service, we have the knowledge and availability to tackle any water leak at any time.

Why Our Water Leak Service?

End-To-End Service
24/7 Availability
25 Years’ Experience
CHAS Accredited
Water leaking from pipe

Don’t Let That Water Leak Get Worse

Get a Quotation from the Team at T4 Intelligent Infrastructure by Calling

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